Side By Side Examples

IAPMO copied extensively and repeatedly from ICC-ES reports and Acceptance Criteria (please see legal complaint for a complete list of IAPMO documents that copied from ICC-ES documents).  The following examples are excerpts from four side-by-side comparisons with the ICC-ES  language on the left and the IAPMO language on the right.  The text highlighted in red indicates identical text and the text highlighted in yellow indicates synonymous text that has the same meaning.  Please note that IAPMO has rewritten some of these offending reports.

Rewrite Examples

IAPMO stated in its public response to ICC’s lawsuit that it amended its process for creating evaluation reports and has re-written some of the offending reports. The revised versions of several evaluation reports continue to make substantial unauthorized use of ICC-ES material, and attempt to cover up the matter by simply placing quotations around the ICC-ES language.  The following is an excerpt from a revised IAPMO evaluation report that quotes ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria 51 extensively: