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Blue Ribbon Committee Update on Preemption, Voter Guides, and the IECC

The Board Committee on the Long-Term Code Development Process (Blue Ribbon Committee) has met regularly since July to discuss many issues of importance to the code development process. In addition to the committee members, interested parties from across the building, construction and design community have participated in the virtual meetings and work groups. At the latest meeting on November 20, the Blue Ribbon Committee discussed the following items.

Federal Preemption: The Blue Ribbon Committee approved in concept a mechanism to address matters of federal preemption. The mechanism should include:

  • A proposed revision to Council Policy 1 Appeals to specifically exclude matters of federal preemption as an appealable action or inaction.
  • The development of a process in which code changes which potentially address preempted issues will be brought to the attention of the International Code Council Board of Directors in a timely matter for consideration and direction.

Voter Guides/Voter Acknowledgment: The Blue Ribbon Committee is investigating the possibility of a voter statement for cdpACCESS for the online governmental consensus vote. This statement would require voting members to acknowledge that they:

  • Are eligible voting members of the Code Council;
  • Are participating in this process in compliance with the ICC Code of Ethics;
  • Have done their due diligence to become informed on the matters they are voting on;
  • And, are aware that voter guides are the opinions of participants in the process, are not endorsed by the Code Council, and that the voters are under no obligation to vote in accordance with such guides.

International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Development Process: The Blue Ribbon Committee has approved a recommendation for the Code Council Board to consider updating the commercial and residential energy provisions in the IECC and Chapter 11 of the International Residential Code (IRC) via the Code Council’s Consensus Procedures instead of the governmental consensus process. The Consensus Procedures allow for more timely consideration and an in-depth investigation of energy improvements without the time limits imposed in the code hearings. If approved, the 2024 IECC and Chapter 11 of the IRC will be updated using the Code Council’s standards consensus procedures. The title of the document will remain the International Energy Conservation Code and the residential energy provisions in Chapter 11 of the IRC will be a duplication of the residential provisions from the IECC. The Code Council Board will consider this recommendation at an upcoming meeting.

If you would like to receive email updates related to the committee or join an upcoming Blue Ribbon Committee meeting, please contact Mike Pfeiffer, PE. Click here to learn more about the Blue Ribbon Committee.