The International Code Council recently uncovered a counterfeit operation producing and distributing unauthorized ICC code books within the United States.

This threatens the integrity of building codes and standards, and we’ve taken steps to protect public safety and retain the public’s confidence in the Code Council as the trusted source of model codes and standards.

The Code Council is pursuing legal actions, including a number of lawsuits in which we seek preliminary injunctions to halt the distribution of counterfeit books.

Temporary restraining orders have already been secured to stop the illegal sale of counterfeit code books. It is critical for the Code Council to pursue action against violators to control the quality of our products so that we can ensure that buildings remain as safe as possible.

If you are concerned that a code book may be counterfeit, it can only be guaranteed as a genuine article if purchased directly from the Code Council or one of our authorized resellers. We also invite you to help us educate others about the importance of purchasing authentic publications directly from the Code Council and/or its resellers.

Customers can contact Cesar Monteiro, Director of Business and Product Development for the Code Council, at for help finding an authorized reseller.

This collective effort is vital in maintaining the trust and integrity foundational to our shared commitment to building safety and compliance.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support in these efforts. Together, we can overcome this challenge and continue to ensure the highest standards of safety and integrity in building practices.