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Recently, the International Code Council learned of lumber located in a port in the State of New York with a stamp by an organization not accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) agency.

The featured image represents the stamp in question. There are no corresponding ALSC system design values attributable to the stamp; therefore, it should not be represented as a structural lumber product under the ALSC system.
Integrity and trust are core values of the Code Council; therefore, the purpose of this email is to inform our members to avoid incorrect impressions that could result from the “No. 2” on the stamp.  To clarify, the stamp above does not come from any ALSC-accredited inspection agency. As such, there are no ALS-approved design values that are attributable to lumber bearing this stamp.
We will continue to track this issue and will keep you informed of updates.
Non-Corresponding ALSC Stamp
Non-Corresponding ALSC Stamp

Please contact Code Council Chief Structural Engineer Lawrence C. Novak with questions.