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ICC News Release
For Immediate Release
June 1, 2015
Contact: Shawn Martin
1-888-ICC-SAFE (1-888-422-7233), ext. 7736

ICC-SRCC Expands Thermal Certification Programs to Include PV

PV manufacturers who earn the certification may qualify for solar water heating financial incentives

To address evolving technology, the Solar Rating Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC) has expanded its OG-100 and OG-300 certification programs to include photovoltaic (PV) conversion of solar energy to thermal energy to heat water. PV manufacturers who meet certification requirements may qualify for state and federal financial incentives and ENERGY STAR program listings. Using PV for water heating provides new options for consumer residential use and might meet requirement for federal tax credits.

To qualify for OG-100 and/or OG-300 certification, a PV solar collector must meet TM-1 protocol requirements that include a requirement for certification of the PV module to the UL 1703 standard for PV modules. The 2015 International Residential Code requires compliance with the ICC-SRCC Standard 100 Minimum Standards for Solar Thermal Collectors, which forms the basis for OG-100 certification. PV Manufacturers can determine if their products qualify for the new certification program, by contacting ICC-SRCC at 321-213-6037, ext. 130 or email

“Solar photovoltaic collectors provide consumers with new options to offset the use of fossil fuels and expand the use of renewable energy,” said ICC-SRCC Executive Director Eileen Prado. “We are pleased to be able to provide certification to this innovative technology that benefits manufacturers and consumers.”

Solar water heating systems can provide approximately 50 to 80 percent of a homeowner’s hot water. They can also be a good choice for commercial installations, especially for businesses that heat large amounts of water such as hospitals, dialysis centers, farms, hotels, motels, inns, restaurants, laundries and car washes.

Next Generation Energy is the first manufacturer awarded OG-100 certification for a photovoltaic water heating solar collector. The Next Generation Sun Bandit collector uses photovoltaic modules to generate electricity used to directly power high-efficiency electric water heaters.

“Achieving this certification represents a paradigm shift in the way solar energy is captured, stored and used to heat water and will assist our customers in creating market differentiation for their businesses,” said Dave Kreutzman, CEO, Next Generation Energy. “We commend SRCC for recognizing the significance of this patented technology and are very pleased with the speed and high degree of customer service we received during the SRCC certification process.”


About ICC-SRCC: The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation was incorporated in 1980 as a non-profit organization whose primary purpose was the development and implementation of national rating standards and certification programs for solar energy equipment. SRCC is the only national certification program established solely for solar heating and cooling products. It is the only national certification organization involved in the administration of standards whose programs are the direct result of the combined efforts of state organizations and an industry association. SRCC joined ICC as a member of the ICC Family of Companies in November 2014.