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For Immediate Release: September 8, 2022
Contact: Donna Campbell | (734) 660-6518
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International Code Council and ASTM International Collaborate on Enhanced Digital Offering
The Code Council’s subscription-based Digital Codes Premium Complete will provide access to 525 ASTM standards

Washington, D.C. – The International Code Council in collaboration with ASTM International is making it easier for the building safety industry to adopt a digital-first strategy through the Code Council’s Digital Codes Premium Complete. As part of the update, subscribers, at no additional cost, will have access to over 525 ASTM standards referenced in the 2021 International Codes (I-Codes). Every ASTM Standard that is referenced in the 2021 I-Codes is available in a read-only format.

The I-Codes are the most widely adopted set of building codes and standards in the world, ensuring the health and safety of people while helping communities meet sustainability goals. Both organizations have continued their missions of enhancing public safety by making the Digital Codes Premium Complete online offering a single source for building safety professionals to access numerous resources.

“We’re dedicated to providing our members with the best resources available in a convenient, easy-to-use platform,” said Mark Johnson, Executive Vice President, Content and Services Group, International Code Council. “Now more than ever, digital offerings are extremely important to our members. The Digital Codes Premium Complete subscription offering has become the preferred source for building safety professionals for their codes, standards and support publication needs. By adding over 525 standards from ASTM, the online digital platform will be the go-to online resource for industry professionals.”  

The Digital Codes Premium Complete offering was specifically developed in response to the ever-growing need for digital access to codes. As more remote users have off-site requirements for codes and standards, building safety professionals needed more readily available, digital options.

“Digital offerings have become vital over the last year and a half as the building safety industry continues to adapt to the new remote work environment,” said Stuart Radcliffe, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ASTM International. “Digital Codes Premium Complete allows members and industry professionals access to hundreds of important ASTM Standards.”

The online offering now includes all Code Council digital publications and over a thousand referenced standards cited across the codes, allowing users quick access to standards.

To learn more about the Code Council’s Digital Codes Premium, visit codes.iccsafe.org.


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