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For Immediate Release
Contact: Madison Neal
August 3, 2020
(202) 754-1173
Preorder for International Code Council’s 2021 I-Codes Now Available
Updated codes enhance safety, increase affordability and incorporate the latest advancements in building science

Starting August 3, 2020, the International Code Council will be accepting preorders for the 2021 edition of its International Codes (I-Codes), the most widely used and highly regarded set of building safety codes in the world. Each edition of the I-Codes goes through the Code Council’s highly-respected consensus code development process that draws upon the expertise of hundreds of plumbing, building and safety experts making it possible for the use of new materials, methods and design.

When: Preorders of the 2021 I-Codes book are available now at shop.iccsafe.org. The Code Council will release its 2021 I-Codes in October 2020.

What: The 2021 edition of the I-Codes. The I-Codes provide a minimum safeguard for people at home, at school, at play, and in the workplace. The I-Codes are a complete set of modern, correlated building safety codes which regulate the architectural, structural, fire protection/life-safety, plumbing, mechanical, resiliency and energy conservation designs and systems of today’s modern buildings and structures.

Who: The International Code Council, a nonprofit association that provides a wide range of building safety solutions including product evaluation, accreditation, certification, codification and training.

  • ICC Senior Vice President of Government Relations, Sara Yerkes, is available to speak with media about key updates and benefits of the 2021 I-Codes.