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For Immediate Release: February 12, 2024
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New Mexico Strengthens Building Safety and Sustainability by Adopting International Energy Conservation Code
New Mexico has adopted the 2021 IECC, taking a significant step toward ensuring the safety, efficiency and resiliency of its communities

Albuquerque, New Mexico – The New Mexico Construction Industries Commission adopted the International Code Council’s 2021 International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC®), which addresses energy efficiency and the energy usage of buildings. With this adoption, New Mexico joins communities across nearly 20 states covering more than a third of the U.S. population in providing its residents with state-of-the-art building design and performance.

The adoption of the IECC will bring numerous benefits to New Mexico’s residents. According to U.S. Department of Energy estimates, residents will save 12 percent on their utility bills, which equates to $266 in energy savings annually. Adoption of the 2021 IECC will also reduce the statewide greenhouse gas emissions by over 20,000 metric tons in the first year and by 11 million metric tons over 30 years. For perspective, the 30-year emissions reduction is equivalent to 2.4 million passenger vehicles or 1.4 million homes. Not only will it result in significant energy, emissions and cost savings for heating, cooling and lighting, but it will also enhance construction quality.

“By adopting the 2021 IECC, New Mexico is helping ensure the health and welfare of its communities through improved air quality and lower utility bills,” said Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO. “We commend the New Mexico Construction Industries Commission for prioritizing and leveraging building codes to improve energy efficiency within the construction industry.”

“This update will ensure that the standards and codes for the process of energy efficiency in our state are understandable,” said New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department General Construction Bureau Chief Martin Romero, CBO. “This mandate will allow our state to be in accordance with current codes, and that the latest energy efficiency provisions are included taking into account the unique qualities of our state. These codes provide clarification in recognition of practical issues arising in the industry while ensuring more efficient energy savings.”

Additional information on energy efficiency and carbon reduction can be found here. More information on the 2021 IECC can be found here. Learn more about code adoptions here.


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