Bobby J. Fowler Award

The Bobby J. Fowler Award is the most prestigious award presented by the International Code Council and honors the memory of the first chairman of the ICC Board of Directors, who led the charge to create the consolidated International Code Council. The Fowler Award is presented to a leader who demonstrates integrity, professionalism and compassion in furthering the noble cause of ICC.

The Bobby J. Fowler Award 2023 recipient is James "Jimmy" Brothers, Past President of the Code Council Board of Directors and Retired Building Official for the City of Decatur, Alabama

Previous Bobby J. Fowler Award Recipients

2022: Mike Pfeiffer

2021: William "Bill" D. Dupler

2020: Sam Francis

2019: Alex "Cash" Olszowy

2018: William Ronald Burton (posthumously)

2017: David Collins

2016: Jonathan C. Siu

2015: Ronald Lynn

2014: Wally E. Bailey

2013: Henry Green

2012: James "Tim" Ryan

2011: Tim Ward

2010: Terry Cobb

2009: Emory Rodgers

2008: Robert "Bob" Weber

2007: George Walker Sr.

2006: Rick Vognild

2005: Ron Nienaber

2004: Jim Sealy

2003: Paul Heilstedt

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