Chapter of the Year Award

The Chapter of the Year Award recognizes extraordinary performance by a chapter in promoting the goals and mission of the International Code Council. It is the highest award bestowed upon an ICC Chapter.

The Chapter of the Year Award 2023 recipient is the Building Inspectors Association of Nassau County.

Previous Chapter of the Year Award Recipients

2022: Ohio Building Officials Association

2021: Central Arizona Chapter

2020: Code Officials Association of Alabama

2019: Code Administrators Association of Kentucky

2018: Virginia Building and Code Officials Association

2017: Connecticut Building Officials Association

2016: Association of Minnesota Building Officials

2015: New Hampshire Building Officials Association

2014: Colorado Chapter of the ICC

2013: Northwest Building Officials and Code Administrators

2012: Central Florida Chapter

2011: Virginia Plumbing & Mechanical Inspectors Association

2010: Southern Nevada

2009: Colorado Chapter

2008: Heart of America Chapter

2007: Building Officials Association of Florida

2006: California Building Officials

2005: Building Officials Association of Texas

2004: Virginia Building & Code Officials Association

See Code Council Awards Program page for nomination information and deadlines.