The Robert W. Gain Fire Prevention Leadership Award

The Robert W. Gain Fire Prevention Leadership Award is presented annually to recognize career achievement by an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and longstanding dedication in support of fire codes and fire prevention. This prestigious award honors the memory of Chief Robert W. Gain, known as the “father of the Uniform Fire Code”. Chief Gain recognized and advocated the importance of fire codes and fire prevention in reducing loss of life and property due to fire and he championed a decade-long effort that created the Uniform Fire Code, a predecessor to the International Fire Code, first published in 1971.


2019 ICC Fire Service Award Winner Jeff Shapiro, President of the International Code Consultants.


Previous ICC Fire Service and Robert W. Gain Award Winners

2019: Jeff Shapiro - ICC Fire Service

2018: Chief Tonya Hoover - ICC Fire Service

2017: Gary Lewis - ICC Fire Service

2016: Ronald S. Lilley - ICC Fire Service

2015: Chief Joseph Finnegan - ICC Fire Service

2014: Kelly Nicolello - ICC Fire Service

2014: Jeff Donahue - Gain Award

2013: Fulton Cochran - ICC Fire Service

2012: Joseph Sauerwein - ICC Fire Service

2011: Ken Kraus - ICC Fire Service

2010: Sean DeCrane - ICC Fire Service

2009: Azarang "Ozzie" Mirkhah - ICC Fire Service

2008: John F. Mueller - ICC Fire Service

2008: Bob Fash - Gain Award

2007: Thomas Brace - ICC Fire Service

2006: Robert Davidson - ICC Fire Service

2006: Ray Bizal - Gain Award

2005: Robert Weitzel - ICC Fire Service

2004: Jackie Gibbs - ICC Fire Service

2003: Kevin Scott - Gain Award

1997: Jim Tidwell - Gain Award

1993: Kevin Scott - Gain Award

1992: Robert Miller - Gain Award

1985: Lawrence Toellner - Gain Award

1983: Lavern Cary - Gain Award