The Value of a Code Council Certification

By: Catherine Vinson, Assessment Center Test Administration Manager

Sometimes certification can feel like just another thing on your to do list. When your employer requires you pass an exam, it can create not only a sense of urgency, but also a sense of panic. It’s easy to just think of certification as that thing you have rather than think about the true value of obtaining and maintaining your certification with the International Code Council.

Code Council certifications are important for a variety of reasons, but today we wanted to take the time to focus on two of the key reasons a Code Council certification means more than just that checkbox on your to do list.

Credibility in Knowledge and Expertise

 Our certifications are a part of recognizing your personal commitment to public safety. Our exams are designed so that they aren’t, in the words of my former English students, an “easy A.” Our exams are rigorously designed by a variety of subject matter experts in building and fire safety to ensure that your results truly reflect that you have the skills you need to be successful in your field. Your certification achievement is a testament to your knowledge and expertise. It signals to your peers, your employers, and the industry that you meet the agreed upon standards.

Consistency: The Key to Code Enforcement Success

More importantly, though, Code Council certifications ensure that there is consistency in public safety. Let’s face it, public safety is (and should be) everyone’s #1 priority. When we come to work every day, we ensure that the I-codes designed to protect that safety are being followed to the letter. Codes are about standardization; whether you are in California or Florida, it’s important that everyone is using the same information. Certification ensures that regardless of your location, everyone is certified to the same standards. This consistency is the real key to the success of code enforcement. We can write all the codes in the world, but if they aren’t being executed equally, then they do no good.

Again, there are many other benefits of your certification. We could talk about how it expands your employment options, how it can further your career, or even how it can challenge you to learn new things.

Certifications are what I do every single day, so I’m passionate about their place and purpose. At the end of the day, though, I want you to know that your certification is more than just a test; it’s a badge of honor.