The Government Relations Plan is the advocacy program affecting the interests of ICC and its members in relation to Federal, State and Local governments and private sector organizations. The Government Relations mission is to partner with entities having objectives and missions compatible with ICC and that support the I-Codes and the developmental process upon which these codes are based. The GR Department is dedicated to providing assistance to ICC members in their efforts to adopt the I-Codes in the United States and around the world.

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State and Local

The State and Local Activities Division is responsible for assisting state and local governments in their efforts to adopt and implement the International Codes (I-Codes). This is accomplished by educating governments on the many benefits and resources available to them through ICC; including membership benefits, training and certification programs, I-Code software and support, code interpretations and plan review services.


  1. Secure new and existing code adoptions
  2. Raise state and local government awareness of ICC's building safety system
  3. Partner with ICC members and code users to promote the I-Codes and community services nationwide

Federal Agencies

The Federal Team guides ICC activities and relations with Executive Branch agencies of the Federal Government. ICC continues to strengthen its interaction with key decision-making federal agencies to secure their recognition and use of the I-Codes and standards, ICC services, as well as their membership and participation in ICC. Comments and Statements on Proposed Federal Regulations


  1. Increase awareness and recognition of ICC services, programs and publications in Federal Agencies
  2. Promote reference to the I-Codes in regulations or other agency directives
  3. Promote reference and use of ICC's support infrastructure
  4. Promote membership of ICC and support for its programs
  5. Promote recognition and participation in ICC's code change process


The Federal Team guides ICC activities and relationships with Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, House and Senate Committees, and their respective staff members. ICC continues to strengthen its interaction with Congress, and has become a valuable resource for Congressional on issues relating to building safety, building energy use, and disaster mitigation in the built environment. Current Congressional Legislation


  1. Obtain reference of the I-Codes in federal legislation
  2. Position ICC as a resource/expert on building safety issues
  3. Strengthen ICC's advocacy efforts to produce favorable outcomes for building safety, building and fire officials, and the construction industry


The Grassroots Department maintains ICC's Code Adoption toolkit and the I-Code Adoption maps and charts. It also monitors proposed and pending legislation regulations. Interested individuals can sign up to receive alerts about important issues. They can also view information, sample letters and emails for examples on how to raise issues to their elected officials.


  1. Facilitate the influence of ICC members and supporters on building and fire safety policy

Chapter Relations

Chapters are designated as Regional, State, Local, Professional, Student or International Chapter depending on the geographical area it serves and the nature of its membership.  Benefits of Chapter formation include:

  • Educational seminars and training
  • Keeping members updated on industry issues
  • International support network and voice
  • Shared expertise and ideas
  • Professional networking
  • Social gatherings of field professionals
  • Periodic meetings on topics of common interest
  • Information concerning employment needs
  • Information on construction methods


  1. To develop and advance ICC Members' professional abilities in the administration of the International Codes