Raising the Profile

How do successful code officials garner support? How did they gain respect for the value they provide their community? It does not happen overnight and it takes courage, commitment and initiative. These pages can help code officials take action to raise their profile by providing ideas, articles, slideshows and more. Explore the categories Community Awareness, Local Leadership and Professional Expertise to find materials that may be beneficial to you. We encourage you to use the materials to help you, and we also request that you contribute to the effort by identifying other materials that may be of use to other code officials. Lastly, these materials cannot do what they are intended to do if you do not take the initiative to act on your own behalf to educate those in your community about the vital role you play in public safety and in the economic success of your jurisdiction.



stock01Past ICC President Wally Bailey is credited with bringing ‘Raise the Profile’ to the forefront, and a BOMC survey indicates it remains one of the top priorities of code officials. Recently a group of volunteers began delving in to the topic. The conclusion is that it takes effort and work by the local code official, whose actions are paramount in order to increase professional stature. Thus, this addition to the website to provide resources for adaptation by the local code official to suit his or her local needs.

Code of Ethics

The professional standing of each person connected with ICC depends on the ethical conduct of everyone. All individuals participating in an ICC activity are expected to adhere to the ICC Code of Ethics.

Helping Others

Have something to share? Please contact any of the BOMC Governing Committee. We look forward to hearing from you.