Hurricane Resources and Information

Hurricanes can carry sustained winds of 160 mph, certainly more than building codes can handle to prevent all damage. Along with the devastating winds are storm surges that can ravage populated areas with 10 feet or more of water for miles inland.

The International Code Council and its members have stood ready to help through its Disaster Response Alliance of building safety professionals who volunteer to help jurisdictions that request aid with building damage assessment, building inspections and other code-related functions in disaster areas. Code Council members also assist devastated communities with post-disaster building plans reviews, inspections and permit operations through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact EMAC.

Hurricanes and natural disasters of all kinds create a variety of needs. The American Red Cross is at the ready to mobilize in various communities to provide shelter, clothes, food – whatever is needed.

Donate to the American Red Cross.

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Resources to help prepare for, and deal with, the devastation of hurricanes

The Code Council partnered with the FEMA Building Science Branch on these free online courses:

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