Off-Site Construction Solutions for Today’s Challenges

The building industry is facing multiple challenges, including workforce availability, housing affordability, job site safety, building quality and sustainability. The expanded use of off-site construction (often called modular or prefabrication) is one approach to address these challenges. The International Code Council’s Family of Solutions offers multiple solutions to support the safe and efficient use of off-site construction.

Design, Fabrication, Construction and Assembly

ICC/MBI Standard 1200: Standard for Off-Site Construction: Planning, Design, Fabrication, and Assembly

The International Code Council is partnering with the Modular Building Institute (MBI) in the development of a comprehensive standard to address all facets of the off-site construction process including: planning; designing; fabricating; transporting; and assembling commercial and residential building elements. This includes componentized, panelized and modularized elements. This standard will not apply to HUD Manufactured Housing or “tiny homes.” Learn More.


ICC G5-2019 Guideline for the Safe Use of ISO Intermodal Shipping Containers Repurposed as Buildings and Building Components

  • More than 30 million International Organization for Standardization (ISO) intermodal shipping containers are in use around the world today. These containers were built to ISO standards and maintained to standards defined by the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) “Convention for Safe Containers.”
  • New or used, containers are now repurposed at a pace that makes their reuse a multi-billion-dollar global industry. Containers are regularly repurposed and converted into International Residential Code and International Building Code occupancy uses. As a building material, the applications are widely diverse as is the extent to which the container is used as a structural building element.
  • Local jurisdictions and state administrative programs are reacting to the growing trend of shipping container repurposing but can be behind in terms of regulations and compliance. This International Code Council Guideline is intended to help state and local jurisdictions as well as owners, architects, builders and engineers in their assessment as to how to design, review and approve shipping containers as a building element. Purchase ICC G5-2019.



  • NTA Structural Design Services
    • Whether new or existing construction, NTA’s Engineering Department can provide you with complete structural engineering calculations and analysis to aid in determining code compliance. NTA has licensed engineers in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia, Guam and parts of Canada.
    • Our staff of highly qualified engineers is made up of both PE’s (Professional Engineers) and trained design engineers to allow us the ability to offer third party engineering to fit each client’s unique needs, ensuring that each client receives top of the line customer service and quick project turnaround. Learn more.



  • IAS Accreditation for Manufactures/Fabricators
    • IAS provides accreditation for structural steel (AC172), reinforced and precast/pre-stressed concrete (AC157) and wood wall panel fabricators (AC196) based on requirements in Chapter 17 of the International Building Code®.
    • Getting accredited involves an assessment of the fabricators management system and verification that the on-site inspections have met the requirements of industry standards and IAS accreditation criteria. Maintaining accreditation requires periodic assessments as required by the building code. Learn more.
      • IAS AC157: Accreditation Criteria for Inspection Programs for Prestressed/Precast Concrete Panels
      • IAS AC172: Accreditation Criteria for Inspection Programs for Structural Steel
      • IAS AC196: Accreditation Criteria for Inspection Programs for Wood Panels
    • IAS AC472: Accreditation of Fabricator Inspection Program for Metal Building Systems
      • IAS accredits the inspection programs of companies that design and fabricate custom engineered metal building systems.
      • The accreditation is based on requirements in IAS Accreditation Criteria AC472, International Building Code® and related standards. The accreditation criteria covers inspections of metal building system elements that are essential for designing, specifying, building or approving metal building systems. Learn more.
  • ICC-ES Product Evaluations
    • ICC-ES AC462: Acceptance Criteria for Structural Building Materials from Shipping Containers
      • The acceptance criteria is limited to the evaluation of the reuse of shipping containers as a source of building materials, with the steel components of the shipping containers redesigned for use in the design of steel structures under Sections 104.9, 2204, 2205, 2210, and 2211 of the IBC and R104.9 and R301.1.3 of the IRC. The intent of the acceptance criteria is to evaluate the quality control procedures used to establish and verify the dimensions, chemical and physical properties of the steel components of the shipping containers, and to evaluate the steel components for design in accordance with the provisions of the IBC. Purchase AC462.
    • ICC-ES AC14: Acceptance Criteria for Prefabricated Wood I-Joists
      • The prefabricated wood I-joists are used in lieu of sawn lumber joists and rafters. The I-joists are limited to use in combustible roof and floor construction. Purchase AC14.
    • ICC-ES AC04: Sandwich Panels
      • AC04 establishes guidelines for the evaluation of all sandwich panels except panels with specific configurations and/or compositions that are covered in other current acceptance criteria. Purchase AC04
    • ICC-ES AC340: Patio Covers
      • AC340 establishes guidelines for evaluation of patio covers, particularly with regard to wind and snow loads. Purchase AC340
    • ICC-ES AC509: 3D Automated Construction Technology for 3D Concrete Walls
      • AC509 establishes guidelines for evaluation of the material and durability properties of proprietary 3D concrete and the structural performance of 3D concrete walls. Purchase AC509
  • NTA Building Product Testing
    • NTA is an independent third-party agency, offering evaluation, testing, inspection, and certification services to the building product industry. NTA is fully accredited (TL-259AA-682, andPCA-102) to the same ISO standards as other, similar third-party agencies, ensuring that both consumers and regulatory agencies are confident in our testing services and comprehensive product evaluations. Learn more.


Construction and Assembly

  • IAS Accreditation of Assemblers
    • IAS AC478: Accreditation Criteria for Inspection Practices of Metal Building Assemblers
      • IAS accredits the inspection practices of companies that assemble metal building systems. The accreditation is based on requirements in IAS Accreditation Criteria AC478 and the International Building Code®. Getting accredited involves an assessment of the company’s management system, that includes the assembly processes, internal safety, training programs, periodic jobsite inspections, etc. IAS accreditation establishes a benchmark for companies qualified to assemble and erect metal buildings. Learn more.

Plan Review, Permitting and Inspection

ICC/MBI Standard 1205:  Standard for Off-Site Construction: Inspection and Regulatory Compliance

ICC is partnering with the Modular Building Institute (MBI) in the development of a comprehensive standard to address the inspection, approval and regulatory compliance of off-site residential and commercial construction components and their assembly and completion at the final building site. This includes: permitting; in-plant and on-site final inspections; third party inspections; the role of Industrialized Building Departments, state modular programs and the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Off-site construction includes componentized, panelized and modularized elements. This standard will not apply to HUD Manufactured Housing or “tiny homes”. Learn More.


Plan Review & Permitting

  • IAS AC251: Building Department Third-party Service Providers Accreditation
    • IAS accreditation demonstrates that subcontracting companies are competent to provide building department services for communities. The accreditation is based on IAS Accreditation Criteria for Building Code Regulatory Agencies And Third-Party Service Providers (AC251). Getting accredited involves an assessment of the department’s goals, policies, and procedures for permitting, inspections and plan reviews. Learn more.
  • NTA Third-Party Plan Review Services
    • NTA’s third-party plan review helps to ensure your structure meets or exceeds requirements for quality, safety and performance, as well as being code compliant. We are an industry leader in verifying HUD, modular, residential, commercial and industrial buildings are compliant to the International Residential Code (IRC), International Building Code (IBC) and other state and Federal standards. Learn more.
  • ICC Training & Certifications



  • IAS Accreditations
    • IAS AC98: Inspection Agency Accreditation
      • IAS accredits inspection agencies to ISO/IEC Standard 17020. This accreditation process involves an assessment of the agencies competence for performing inspections and the consistency of their inspection activities. IAS accredits agencies that perform inspections of materials, products, installations, processes or services. Learn more.
    • IAS AC291, ISO/IEC Standard 17020: Special Inspection Agency Accreditation
      • IAS provides accreditation for special inspection agencies based on requirements in the International Building Code®, New York City Building Code, Philadelphia Building Code, Southern Nevada Building Code and IAS AC291. Getting accredited involves an assessment of the agency’s inspection procedures, the competence of its inspection staff, and its reporting procedures. Accredited agencies have demonstrated competence to perform special inspections required in the building code and related standards. Learn more.
    • ICC Training & Certifications
    • NTA Third-Party Inspection Services
      • NTA is the third party of choice for residential, commercial and factory-built housing inspection and certification because of our consistent ability to deliver in-plant quality audits by knowledgeable personnel. We employ professionals that, combined, have completed over 300 building code examinations and have over 190 inspector licenses and certifications. Our network of third-party inspectors enables us to assess in-plant quality control procedures; ensuring consistent quality of your product for code compliance and if needed, help you build an entire quality assurance program. Learn more.
    • NTA Building Product Testing
    • ICC-ES Product Evaluations