Wildfire Safety and Recovery

Each year, wildfires take lives and burn numerous structures, resulting in mounting costs that have enormous economic and environmental impacts to the nation’s communities and businesses. Wildfires also have devastating impacts on the environment and damage forests, rangelands, watersheds and wildlife. However, there are steps you can take to protect lives and property at home and in your community. Here are some resources to help you plan:
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Protect your home and family from wildfire Sites for Kids Protect your community from wildfire The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and its partners – the International Code Council and approximately 20 other founding-member international organizations -- created the Fire Management Actions Alliance (FMAA) to stimulate improved fire management and reduce damage from fire worldwide. The FMAA Charter provided for the development of a strategy to improve international cooperation in fire management, which included Fire Management Voluntary Guidelines. These guidelines provide an international framework, outline cross-sectoral issues, detail the principles and attributes needed to balance the social, cultural, environmental and economic dimensions of fire management, and prescribe key actions for the planning and management of fires. Additional Wildfire Resources Helpful Links In the US Internationally

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