Winter Safety Resources

Winter Safety Resources

When the weather's cold, some of us look forward to winter activities, while others look forward to just huddling in front of a fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate.

But a gentle reminder is in order: Each season has its dangers, and winter is no different. For example, The Centers for Disease Control says thousands die each year from exposure to extreme cold, or from carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty heating units, which also can cause fires in homes if not used properly.

Another example: Deadly fires also can result when homeowners use torches to thaw frozen pipes. The American Red Cross offers tips to prevent pipes from freezing and what to do if it happens.

The following list offers preparations you can make at home and when traveling to make sure you have a fun and safe winter.

Your Winter Toolkit

Red Cross: Winter Storm Safety

Red Cross: Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit

Federal Alliance for Safe Homes: Winter Freeze Flash Card

Generator Safety Tips from NFPA

USDA Agricultural Research Service:  The Cold Stress Guide

FEMA Fact Sheet on Winter Storms

FEMA Snow Load Safety Guidance

FEMA Snow Study Summary Report

CDC: Extreme Cold- Prevention Guide

NOAA: Winter Storms- the Deceptive Killers: A Preparedness Guide

University of Wisconsin-Extension: Winter Storm Preparedness and Response

Congressional Hazards Caucus Fact Sheet: Winter Storms

FEMA Emergency Supply List

FEMA Family Emergency Plan

Winter Preparedness Tips for Persons with Disabilities

Winter Tips for Older Americans

Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies Makes Sense

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

Winter Storm Preparedness and Response: Safety At Home and While Traveling

How to Winterize Your Manufactured Home

Caring for Ice-Damaged Trees

North Dakota State University: Heat Safely with Alternative Fuel Heating Systems

Solve Winter Home Moisture Problems

Check Sewer Vents for Ice Accumulations

Preventing Roof Collapses from Snow and Ice on Agricultural Buildings

FEMA Roof Snowdrift Design Guide

Protecting Trees and Shrubs against Winter Damage

Better Business Bureau: Hiring a Snow Removal Contractor

Three-Day Emergency Food Supply

Preparing Food During a Power Failure

Safety of Refrigerated Foods After a Power Outage

AARP: 5 Hidden Health Dangers of winter

Protect Your Business from Frozen Pipes

Cold Weather Pet Safety

Electric Portable Space Heater Safety

USFA Space Heater Safety

Cold Weather and Cardiovascular Disease

News articles

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