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Innovation and Technology

Building Safety and COVID-19

The International Code Council surveyed its members to find out how code officials are coping with the professional challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. These results, collected between March 22 and April 1, 2020, show trends on how jurisdictions in the U.S. are keeping up with inspections, new building permits and new construction during the pandemic.

1,158 RESPONSES from jurisdictions of all sizes
Participants from 50 U.S. STATES and the District of Columbia
1K–4.6M POPULATION Size of jurisdiction


93% Of departments still performing inspections, either remotely or in-person
65% Report that some or all employees that conduct plan review or inspections are working remotely
26% Have seen requests for temporary occupancy/ structures permits as a result of COVID-19

Virtual Capabilities

23% Said their employees do not have access to needed hard copy code books

40% Do not have the capability to do electronic/remote plan reviews

30% Do not have the capability to do any aspect of electronic/remote permitting

61% Do not have the capability for electronic/remote inspections

Hard Copy vs. Electronic Code Usage

  • Hard Copies
  • Electronic
  • Both
Hard Copy vs. Electronic Code Usage graph

The Code Council provided the latest news on the pandemic's effect on the industry through the Coronavirus Response Center

Our webinars, virtual events, and publications informed:

  • Implementing digital solutions that enable remote work
  • Reopening safely
  • Changes in how temporary occupancies are used during the pandemic
  • Access to CARES Act funding
  • Recommendations for temporary outdoor seating spaces
  • Readout on international best practices for temporary healthcare facilities”

In times of social distancing, the Code Council moved quickly to provide all services online

  • Self-paced courses, institutes and test academies are now available on the entire ICC course catalog
  • Remote accreditation services are provided globally
  • Scope of accredited testing expanded to include sanitizer and N95 series to help prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Continuous compliance inspection became virtual to uphold the integrity of conformity assessment
  • Code Council examinations are deemed essential services through computer-based testing
  • PRONTO exams made certification during the pandemic more accessible for building safety professionals

We responded to our members

  • Membership Services staff seamlessly transitioned to working from home, remaining in touch with members and Chapters throughout the shift to quarantine
  • The Membership team reached out to affected members electronically and by mail, ensuring these important relationships remained intact during the crisis
  • We automated the process for reinstatement of lapsed memberships, making returning to the Code Council family easier than ever

No. of Members reinstated in 2020


Overall Membership


No. of new Members


Our Membership Remains Strong

  • More than 4,000 Code Council members have reinstated lapsed memberships in 2020
  • Overall membership numbers remain above 65,000
  • Approximately 4,000 new members are managing the "new normal" of COVID-19 with the assistance of benefits provided through their Code Council membership.
Innovation & Technology
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