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Customer Service

The Code Council continues to make customer service the centerpiece of its strategy towards growth, working together to enhance the customer experience

By the Numbers Recap: Customer Service

Customers by phone Customers assisted by phone
k +
Chat volume Chat volume up over
Email conversations Email conversations
k +
Email rating of GREAT Email rating of GREAT
Emails answered Emails answered in 3 hours
"Thank you for the quick action. It is much appreciated. The understanding attitude and support from the IAS team as is much appreciated. Looking forward to more projects with you and strengthening our relationship. Wishing you a Good day."
"COVID-19 has created unexpected change in all of our personal and business lives. I can't express to you how much the assistance of Shanelle meant to me. This just goes to show that even under strained circumstances, great employees continually do great things."
"I can go on about the fabulous experience I had but will limit to thank you for having such an awesome employee to take the time in explaining and working through my order issues. Such a great asset you have in Glenda."
"When I called I believe the customer service reps name was Denisha, and she was so helpful. First she calmed me down by reassuring me I still had time to fix my mistake. She was patient enough to wait with me while I verified all the corrective steps to take. And she made sure to follow up with me via email. I wish all customer service reps were more like her. Keep up the good work!"
"Even with expedited service, we did not expect to have a completed report as quickly as this project moved, which was less than 45 days from the creation of the statement of work to completed report. Dr. Ekenel was easy to contact and responsive which made the process move far smoother than my experiences in the past."

Following our Service Vision

  • We've recognized 10 associates this year for their service to customers both internal and external
  • We've expanded our self-service documentation by over 20% to empower customers
  • We're improving our customer portals for seamless services across the organization
  • ICC-ES has employed the use of Robotic Process Automation for product review, increased additional product review services, and continues to provide customer loyalty program
Digital Transformation
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