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Board of Directors

Greg Wheeler, CBO
Cindy Davis, CBO
Vice President
Michael Wich, CBO
William R. Bryant, MCP, CBO
Immediate Past President

Board of Directors

Mike Boso
Michael Savage
Shirley Ellis
Jim Sayers
Steve McDaniel
David Spencer, CBO
M. Donny Phipps
Angie Wiese, P.E., CBO

Sectional Directors

Alan Boswell, MCP, CBO
Thomas Peterson
Ron Hampton, MCP, CBO
Jim Brown, CBO, CFPS
Kris Bridges
Stuart Tom, P.E., CBO, FIAE


Executive Staff

Dominic Sims, CBO
Chief Executive Office
John Belcik
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Mark A. Johnson
Executive Vice President and Director of Business Development
Joan O'Neil
Chief Knowledge Officer

Senior Staff

Whitney Doll
Sr. Vice President of Communications and Marketing
Shahin Moinian
ICC Evaluation Service
Mike Pfeiffer
Senior Vice President,
Technical Services
Dan Foster
General Manager
Community Development Solutions
Raj Nathan
International Accreditation Service
David Tompos
President and Chief Executive Officer,
S.K. Ghosh
S.K. Ghosh Associates, LLC
Mel Oncu
General Counsel
Sara Yerkes
Senior Vice President,
Government Relations
Lynn Martin
Chief Operating Officer,
General Code
Judy Zakreski
Vice President,
Global Services

ANCR Board of Directors

Executive Director, Ryan Colker
Vice President of Innovation International Code Council
Vice Chairman, Thomas Phillips
Principal - Building Regulatory Strategy Target Corporation
Bryan J. Soukup, Esq
Vice President,
Government and Public Affairs American Society of Interior Designers
Lauren Stienstra
Program Director
NGA Solutions: Homeland Security and Public Safety, National Governors Association
Chairman, Evan Reis, SE
Executive Director
U.S. Resiliency Council
Michael Lesnick
Senior Partner
Meridian Institute
Amy Schmidt
Assoc. Manager Building & Construction
Advocacy Dupont Performance Building Solutions
Henry Hodde, M.S., CFM
Sustainability and Resilience Coordinator Pinellas County, FL

ICC-ES Board of Managers

Angie Wiese, PE (MN), CBO
Fire Safety Manager (Chairman)
Department of Safety & Inspections Saint Paul, MN
Sharon Goei, M.S., P.E.,

Director of Building and Housing
City of Milpitas, CA
Michael Nugent, CBO
Building Official
City of Rock Hill, SC
Ravi Shah, CBO
Richard Truitt
Contract Instructor / Subject Matter Expert
County of Harford, MD
Jeff Ellis, P.E., S.E.
Director of Codes & Compliance
Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc.
Catherine A. P. Low, S.E
Consultant - C.A.P. Low, S.E.
Ravi Shah, CBO
Director of Development Services
City of Carrollton, TX

IAS Board of Directors

Chair, Jon "Rocco" Davis
Vice President & Regional Manager
Pacific Southwest Region of the Laborers' International Union of North America
Shahriar Amiri, CBO
Chief Building Official
and Inspection Services Director Arlington (VA) County Government
Samuel Palmer, P.E., CBO
Assistant Director
Clark County Dept. Of Building & Fire Prevention
Khaled Awad
Chairman and Founder
Devang K. Jhaveri
Global Manager Group
Jeff Gust
Chief Corporate Metrologist
Fluke, Inc.
Jim Brown
ICC Board Liaison
Deputy Building Official
City of Gillette, Wyoming
Sergio Ascunce
Building Inspections Department Manager
Universal Engineering Sciences
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