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Codes & Standards

Throughout 2021, the Code Council family of solutions advanced the safety, sustainability and affordability of buildings and communities through our wide range of product and service offerings. Here are some highlights:

Product Evaluation & Testing

  • ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) is approved by California's Office of the State Fire Marshal as an inspection agency to conduct inspections and labeling verifications on OSFM listed products for use in Wildland Urban Interface Areas.
  • Recognized by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), ICC-ES now offers certification for food safety management under various categories including Packaging, Storage and Distribution, Retail, Food Service and Quality.
  • ICC-ES was voted in as an observer member of the European Organization for Technical Assessment (EOTA). ICC-ES and EOTA can now use copyrighted technical content for each other's specifications and streamline product evaluation for both American and European manufacturers of building products.
  • In 2021, ICC-ES published the Global Conformity Assessment Guide, a digital resource guide that explores the importance of global product approval through quality conformity assessment. The guide is intended for all members of the building industry and addresses current issues in the global marketplace.
  • 2021 was the first full year the Code Council family of solutions expanded upon our plan review services. These services offer value to local jurisdictions and the Code Council membership.
  • NTA performed over 1,000 audits and sampling inspections for ICC-ES in 2021 and has prepared to expand services into China for 2022.
  • NTA continues to be the leader in third party services for the off-site construction industry. NTA has signed several contracts with international clients anticipating travel to resume in 2022.
  • NTA became the first third party approved by the state of Washington to perform plan review services, partnered with the State of Colorado to perform site inspections for modular installation, and was was awarded a contract with a sub-contractor of FEMA to be technical support for temporary disaster units built to the manufactured housing standard.
  • Progressive Engineering Inc. (PEI), a product testing, evaluation and inspection agency, joined the Code Council family of solutions in the spring of 2021 and expanded the Code Council's capabilities in product testing, evaluation, and commercial off-site construction.

These certifications support the food industry in providing safe, quality products and processes and we look forward to helping manufacturers fulfill this important responsibility.

- David Pereg, ICC-ES Senior Vice President, Operations

At the end of 2021, NTA was favorable to the budgeted revenue and has a solid backlog of projects to roll into 2022. We have received positive feedback regarding these services and a number of repeat customers.

- David Tompos, President, ICC NTA, LLC



  • The International Accreditation Service (IAS) developed a new program that recognizes building and code enforcement departments — as well as third-party companies providing building department services — that have demonstrated a commitment to service, safety and continuous improvement.
  • IAS continued to target Water Laboratories in California to provide ELAP accreditation. They offered 7 free webinars on ELAP topics and worked with jurisdictions in multiple cities to become vendors. 82 applications were received for ELAP accreditation in 2021.
  • The U.S. (FDA) has recognized IAS under the ASCA pilot program to accredit testing laboratories that perform premarket testing for medical device companies. IAS hosted two webinars for international audiences on this topic. In 2021, 25 test lab customers added FDA ASCA scheme to their accreditation.
  • In 2021, IAS offered two new complimentary webinar series: the ISO 15189 series (Medical Lab Accreditation) and the ISO/IEC 17025 series for an audience of over 1,600 customers and potential customers.

In 2021 we expanded our free classes and webinars to allow more people to see us as a resource and add to our credibility as a global leader in the field of accreditations.

- Greg West, IAS Director, Customer Success Group


Software & Technology

  • Laserfiche continues to be the software of choice for communities looking to automate, integrate and streamline processes. In 2021, large cities like Tucson and Scottsdale in Arizona have expanded their systems.
  • ICC Community Development Solutions installed or enhanced Laserfiche systems in 12 counties; 25 cities; 48 towns, townships, boroughs, and villages; 10 organizations; and the Pennsylvania State Senate.
  • From Ohio to Alabama, governmental operations have benefited from Municity. Anniston, Alabama, Building and Safety Division jumpstarted their digital transformation with Municity, moving data from spreadsheets, databases and paper. Beachwood, Ohio, Building and Community Development upgraded to Municity 5 from enterprise to improve speed and connectivity for public and mobile access.
  • In 2021, Franklin Legal Publishing and Code Publishing Company joined General Code. This makes General Code the national leader in providing municipal code solutions, serving more than 3,800 clients from coast to coast.
  • General Code launched a Content Integration partnership program for industry leading municipal software solution providers.
  • General Code launched an API that allows clients to seamlessly integrate content from our proprietary online code portal to their own municipal systems or third-party platforms.
  • General Code's portfolio of digital solutions was expanded in 2021 to include Code Review, which streamlines the process municipal officials follow to review municipal codes under development with General Code.
  • In support of the Treasury Department's efforts to provide funding to support the public health response and lay the groundwork for economic recovery, General Code participated in campaigns to promote the CARES Act and The American Rescue Plan.

As we expand our efforts to communicate Municity's capabilities we are finding a lot of interest in the software, its capabilities for remote/mobile work, online e-permitting capabilities and integration with other third-party applications. We are learning more and more everyday about how we can meet our customers' requirements for digital transformation.

- Dan Foster, General Manager, Community Development Solutions

Both Franklin Legal Publishing and Code Publishing Company share our passion for customer service excellence and quality codification expertise. The joining of our companies allows us to combine all of our strengths and offer more robust services to our clients on a national scale. General Code continues to be committed to geographic expansion and company growth.

- Lynn Martin, General Code Chief Operating Officer

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