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Developing codes and standards and sharing our technical expertise with the building safety industry are at our core. Here’s a look at how we convened key stakeholders to develop the 2024 family of International Codes®.


  • Codes and Standards Highlights
    • Spring hearings and fall hearings were held to update the 2024 I-Codes followed by the online governmental consensus vote of our members. The 2024 codes are expected to be released in 2023.
    • The Code Council announced that it will be updating its code development process to foster a more rigorous vetting of code changes which will take effect in 2024 for the development of the 2027 I-Codes.
    • We updated our standards portfolio with the revision of standards ICC 400: Standard on the Design and Construction of Log Structures and CSA B805/ ICC 805: Rainwater Harvesting Systems.
  • The Code Council's Code on a Mission campaign continues to strive for over a third of the U.S. population to be covered by energy codes based on the IECC by the end of 2023.
  • The Code Council joined the WateReuse Association’s delegation to Israel to support furthering sustainability, security, and resilience of the United States’ water resources through sharing knowledge and information on policies, practices and technologies.
  • Our PMG team led the formation of a WateReuse Working Group and began a research project on plumbing pipe sizing and private sewage disposal systems with the University of Miami.

Be a Voice in the International Code Council’s Standards Development Process

Meet the PMG Technical Team

The Code Council has been instrumental in making the code adoption process more accessible, transparent, and user-friendly. This in turn has made it much easier for me as a code official to engage and participate in code development. Kudos to the International Code Council for continually improving the process.

-Truong Huynh, P.E., C.B.O.,
General Superintendent,
Long Beach Development Services

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