Batteries and Energy Storage Ad Hoc Committee

Batteries and Energy Storage Ad Hoc Committee

Established by the Code Council Board of Directors, this ad hoc committee will explore how building safety is impacted by the manufacturing, storage, use and recycling of batteries and energy storage systems.

This committee will identify any increased risk to the built environment and pinpoint gaps in codes and standards needing to be addressed to strengthen building, fire and life safety requirements for batteries and energy storage systems.

The committee will then identify and recommend areas of change to the Code Council Board for relevant codes and standards. Upon completion of its stated objectives, the committee will prepare and submit a final report of its activities and findings to the Board.

The committee will follow the Code Council’s established procedures and is expected to conduct its activities through the 2024-2026 Code Development Cycle.

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Russ Manning, SVP
Christine Reed, Staff Coordinator
Karl Fippinger, Staff SME Fire
Kris Stenger, Staff SME Energy

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The deadline for applications was August 14, 2023.

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