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Interested in adding your expert skills and knowledge to the development and maintenance of the ICC National Certification exam program?

Now is the time! Apply today! The deadline is November 15, 2021. 

By serving on an Exam Development Committee, you can share your expertise and help ensure the credibility and validity of ICC certifications, as well as earn CEUs, contribute to exam development, promote building and fire safety, and add to your professional credentials. Exam development committees oversee the development of various exams; however, no testing experience is required. Committee members typically meet for one in-person meeting that runs two to three days and multiple Web conferences throughout the year.

What does an EDC member do? 


As an EDC member, you will: 

  • Earn CEUs (0.5 credits each year of participation)
  • Contribute to the development of exams
  • Ensure exam rigor, credibility and validity
  • Promote building and fire safety
  • Add to your professional credentials

Current EDC Rosters

Looking for the Professional Development Council? Click here.

Email us at accommittees@iccsafe.org with any questions about the duties and responsibilities of an Exam Development Committee member.

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