The code change proposal monograph for the 2012/2014 Code Change cycle is posted below.

Note that the on-line version of the monograph and the CDs are PDF files that contain three new features:

  • Highlighting and commenting (using Adobe Reader)
  • Adobe search
  • Bookmarks

The files are also designed for quicker downloads. Please remember that as part of ICC's green initiative, printed monograph books will not be mailed or supplied at the hearings. Interested parties who wish to order a disc of monograph files may do so through the bookstore soon.

Group C - Proposed Changes to the 2012 Editions

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Group C Proposed Changes Complete Document Published 02/27/15 11196 KB
IgCC Energy Water Proposed Changes Published 02/27/15 2905 KB
IgCC General Proposed Changes Published 02/27/15 8121 KB
Introductory Information Published 02/27/15 528 KB
Updates to Proposed Changes Published 02/27/15 738 KB
IgCC Energy Water Hearing Orders REV 8 Published 02/27/15 28 KB
IgCC General Hearing Orders REV11 Published 02/27/15 34 KB

New Standards Proposed In 2014 Code Change Cycle Listed By Standards Organization

The following are comments by ICC staff regarding certain aspects of standards proposed to be referenced in the ICC Codes by code change proposals submitted for the 2014 cycle. The comments relate to portions of the criteria for standards contained in Section 3.6 of CP#28.