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ICC Addresses Complex Issues to Support Code Officials, Construction Industry

When the need arises, the International Code Council brings together Members, stakeholders and other technical experts to address complex issues in the construction industry. As the developer of model construction codes used nationwide, ICC recently hosted three very successful roundtables to engage the industry on several critical emerging issues and topics. The discussions looked at the underlying causes responsible for a series of fires in residential buildings under construction, the code adoption cycle and examination of American households that in this day and age do not have indoor plumbing.

ICC also presented a town hall meeting on the future of code officials during the 2014 Annual Conference. Research done on ICC’s behalf by the National Institute of Building Sciences predicts that a substantial retirement exodus of code officials is on the horizon. Nearly 85 percent of respondents were over the age of 45. More importantly, over 80 percent of them expect to retire within the next 15 years, and more than 30 percent plan to do so within five years. That could have a serious impact on jurisdictions and public safety.

We are pleased to offer reports from these events to share the knowledge and outcomes with you.

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Dominic Sims, CBO
Chief Executive Officer
International Code Council


Stephen D. Jones, CBO
Immediate Past President
ICC Board of Directors


2014 ICC Roundtable Reports

Files are available in a PDF format. Click the icon to download.

ICC Roundtable: Fires in Buildings under Construction
ICC Roundtable: Maintaining vs. Extending The Current Code Adoption Cycle
ICC Roundtable: The Lack of Basic Sanitation for a Reported 1.6 Million Americans
Town Hall Meeting: The Future of Code Officials

Comment Letters Received

Files are available in a PDF format. Click the icon to download.

Commentary: American Iron and Steel Institute
Commentary: Portland Cement Association
Commentary: Steel Framing Alliance