Important change to PDF versions of the International Codes


Act now to update your PDF download or CD.
Effective December 15, ICC will convert I-Codes, State Codes and selected other publications from protectedPDF to a newer, more versatile Watermark version.


The advantage of the Watermark version is that you can use the codes on tablets and phones. Also, you will no longer be limited to using just Adobe Reader—the new files work with any PDF reader. If you have to enter a serial number to access your books, then you need to upgrade to the latest version. However, if your PDF has a watermark at the bottom of each page, you have the current version. And if you have already downloaded the Watermark version or sent the information on your CD, you are all set and do not need to take any further action.


If you have not already received the new Watermark version, please choose one of the actions below to update your protectedPDF.
Update Your PDF Download
If you purchased a PDF download that requires a serial number to open, to obtain the new Watermark version you need to:
  1. Go to the ICC store at
  2. Sign into the "My ICC account" the download was purchased under.
  3. Select the "My Account" link located at the top of the page.
  4. Select the "My eCodes" link on the PDF Download tab then select "Show PDF Downloads" next to the title of your PDF. You will see the link for the download. (Note: This is the same download button that you used when you originally purchased the product.)
Update Your PDF CD
If you purchased a PDF CD, to obtain the new Watermark version you will need to send an image of the front and back of the CD case along with any information available regarding the original purchase (name of purchaser, date, etc.) to You will receive a return email with a coupon code and the steps on how to obtain a Watermark PDF Download of your code from the ICC store. The Watermark PDF download is licensed per individual so we can only provide one coupon per CD.
By downloading the new Watermark files, you agree to the Website User Agreement and Privacy Policy, and as applicable, the License Agreement. The Watermark file is licensed to the individual who made the purchase and allows them to place the file on two devices.


If you do not see the download listed in your account or you don't have a "My ICC" account or need other help, please contact our support team at