Mike Doles

By: Liz McDonald, Assessment Center Technical Communications Analyst

Continuing education is a lifelong passion for Mike Doles, Building Consultant and Plans Examiner at S&ME, Inc., one of South Carolina’s largest engineering firms.

It’s always a good day in South Carolina for Mike and his team, who have projects filled to the brim. They inspect secondary schools (grades pre-K through 12th) and colleges and universities, as well as third party inspections on larger commercial projects, such as assisted living facilities and multi-family housing developments. His specialty – third party inspection for school university projects—has become a huge safety initiative for many of the colleges and universities in the state. Certifications are key to driving this mission forward.

“We rely heavily on Code Council certifications in South Carolina. The certification demonstrates our commitment to the safety of our schools and universities.”

Mike went viral on the Assessment Center's social media when he recently posted about his exuberant commitment to growth and achievement in the expanding world of public safety.


Mike's post on LinkedIn. He impressed us with this goal for continuing education even after achieving his MCP.


Mike had already achieved the Master Code Professional designation, but, as echoed from many of our MCPs so far, his path continues with even deeper learning for himself as well as for his team.

His journey propelled him to achieve the Commercial Fire Sprinkler Inspector certification, not just because he’s a learner at heart, but also to help with special projects on university building safety. As technology for fire alarm systems continues to grow, inspectors like Mike need stay knowledgeable. At the time of this publishing, he will soon be taking his Commercial Fire Alarm Inspector exam.

Mike is a big proponent of training and professional development and passes the love of a good challenge to his team as he encourages them to take Code Council exams.

“You never know what you don’t know until you take the exam and a difficult question is thrown at you. I want all my staff to have this experience. They need to be exposed to the challenge the exam gives.”

For Mike, it’s about seeing the exam as a deeper test of his  own core knowledge. Learning should never stop, no matter what field you’re in.

Mike is determined to ensure the rest of his team have the tools they need to continue learning and achieving milestones in their careers. S&ME has established an incentive program to get additional certifications by the end of the year. In addition, they’ve pushed the initiative of providing easier access to testing by creating a PRONTO@work space so S&ME professionals can take a Code Council Certification exam on the proctored online testing platform.

S&ME's PRONTO@work station is simple with no distractions so candidates can focus on their Code Council examination.

“Having a Code Council certification is the gold standard,” Mike says. “It shows clients out there that we have the commitment to meet that standard.”

Code Council Certification exams and continuing education are big wins in the building safety industry as with life as well for Mike and his team, and they continue to hold that standard strong. As Mike proudly says, “We’re first and foremost safety professionals—that’s what it all comes down to. If we stop learning, we become complacent, and we won’t be able to perform our jobs well. Therefore, we should never stop learning!”

We say to Mike: Congratulations, and Carpe Diem!

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