The Chapter Merit Award

The Chapter Merit Award Winner distinguishes itself through activities demonstrating the Code Council’s goals and objectives. In 2017, the awards committee selected two Chapter Merit Award winners.

The first was the Maine Building Officials and Inspectors Association (MBOIA). MBOIA has been a driving force for Maine’s participation in code development, legislation and policy affecting code officials and the built environment. Their affiliation with the Maine Fire Chiefs and Northern Maine chapter has created a statewide coalition dedicated to promoting building safety.

The second Chapter Merit Award went to the Utah Chapter of ICC. The Utah Chapter has been a key player in the code development process at the state and national level for many years. Their work with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing and the local home builders association led to the creation of a statewide standard of professionalism requiring all inspectors to become ICC certified.



Previous Chapter Merit Award Winners

2016: Missouri Association of Building Officials and Inspectors, the New Jersey Building Officials Association, and the Virginia Building and Code Officials Association

2015: California Building Officials (CALBO), Southern California Fire Prevention Officers Association

2014: Rhode Island Building Officials Association; California Fire Chiefs, Northern CA Fire Prevention Officers Section

2013: New York State Building Officials Conference, Kansas City Metropolitan Association of Permit Technicians, Wyoming Conference of Building Officials

2012: Colorado Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials; Kansas City Metro Association of Permit Technicians; Northwest Building Officials & Code Administrators of Illinois; Southern California Fire Prevention Officers Association; Virginia Building and Code Officials Association

2011: Code Administrators Association of Kentucky, Northwest Building Officials and Code Administrators of Illinois

2010: Virginia Building Code Officials Association; Sacramento Valley; Cumberland Region Codes Association; Laney College Chapter

2009: Virginia Building Code Officials Association; Code Administrators Association of Kentucky; Washington State Association of Permit Technicians

2008: Michigan Association of Housing Officials; Rainier Chapter; Tennessee Building Officials Association; Virginia Building & Code Officials Association

2007: Heart of America Chapter; Virginia Building & Code Officials Association; Washington Association of Building Officials

2006: Idaho Association of Building Officials; Association of Minnesota Building Officials; Heart of America Chapter; North Texas Chapter

2005: California Building Officials; Southern Nevada Chapter; Southern New Mexico Building Officials Association; Virginia Plumbing & Mechanical Inspectors Association

2004: Central Ohio Code Officials Association; Colorado Chapter; North Texas Chapter; Sacramento Valley Association of Building Officials


The nomination period for the 2018 Chapter Merit Award has ended.
Stay tuned for announcements about the opening of the 2019 nomination period.