Companion Tour

Monday, October 21  ▪  9 am–2 pm

See details below and this option is available as a part of Companion Premium registration.

Long Beach Hop Tour

Begin your adventure in the morning with a pickup from the Long Beach Convention Center, transitioning smoothly into a scenic water taxi ride. Accompanied by expert guides and Duffy captains, your journey includes all listed food, beverages, boat tickets, and equipment for a seamless experience.

The tour kicks off with a visit to the Queen Mary for the iconic clam chowder, establishing a day rich in maritime charm and culinary delights. As the morning progresses, savor delectable grilled shrimp in Alamitos Bay, followed by a serene, guided Duffy cruise to appreciate the harbor's beauty. By early afternoon, indulge in classic fish & chips, culminating in a leisurely return via water taxi. The tour wraps up as you arrive back at the dock, filled with memorable experiences and flavors.