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Raj Nathan


Raj Nathan is president of the International Accreditation Service, Inc. (IAS). As president, Nathan is responsible for the organization’s strategic direction and vision working with the Board of Directors, business innovation thru new accreditation programs and managing the global workforce resources.

With over 30 years of progressive technical and management experience in product testing/certification, business development, operations, quality management process, accreditation and conformity assessment, Nathan has helped make IAS one of the leading accreditation bodies in the United States and globally. In addition to managing U.S. accreditation activities, he also oversees the successful expansion of IAS business operations into the Middle East, China, Turkey and South America. Nathan represents IAS before regulatory bodies and professional associations in the U.S. and globally and has provided training on ISO/IEC standards for technical groups. Nathan has led and participated in peer evaluations of national accreditation systems globally including in Japan, India, Mexico and Singapore.

He has been invited to speak as a panelist, moderator and/or keynote presenter at numerous international conferences and conclaves on accreditation, trade and the conformity assessment process.  Mr. Nathan previously held the senior management position as Head, ICC Global Services.

Nathan holds a Master of Science degree in industrial and management systems engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Bachelor’s degree in engineering.