Interested in Hosting an Annual Conference?

We understand and appreciate our active chapters wanting the opportunity to bring the Council and its membership to your state. We look forward to exploring those possibilities. If you are interested, below please find information we need to consider your community.

To make the conference as accessible as possible to all of our Members, the Code Council rotates its annual conference throughout the four quadrants of the United States, i.e., NE, SE, SW, NW.  We also plan the conference 18-24 months in advance. So please consider recent conference locations to determine when your region will be coming up next.

Logistical needs :

  1. Local airport must be a hub for at least one airline and average airfares from continental United States must be within reasonable amounts.
  2. Must have minimally 1,500 guest rooms within short walking distance of the convention center.
  3. Convention Center must have 150,000 sq feet of dividable exhibit space or ballroom space.
  4. In addition to the exhibit space, there must be 20 meeting rooms available between 1,000 and 3,000 sq feet for additional meetings during conference.

Once you have determined whether you can meet the requirements above please email your contact information to  and we will consider your site. We always have a lot of good candidates but be assured we will thoroughly consider your interest and information.

We look forward to seeing you at the next annual conference of the International Code Council.