The ICC adheres to openness and transparency in our Standards development process. All ICC Standards committee meetings are open to the public. Any interested party can participate in committee meetings and can be considered by the committee for membership on any work-group that the committee creates. Interested parties will be notified by email of standards activities related to IS-LOG , including committee meetings, sub-group meetings and the availability of standard development documentation. If you wish to be placed on the “interested parties” list for the development of this standard, contact the ICC Secretariat, IS-LOG.


ICC 400 has opened the revision cycle. Please see the call for committee below or visit our call for committee webpage.

Call for Committee – The Consensus Committee On Log Structures

The International Code Council is currently accepting applications for the following Codes & Standards Committee:

The Consensus Committee On Log Structures. As an ANSI accredited standards developing organization, ICC is revising the ICC 400, Standard on the Design and Construction of Log Structures to maintain the standard with current industry practice.

Once appointed, this committee will convene to undergo the revision process in accordance with ANSI Essential Requirements for the development of American National Standards.

This Committee has primary responsibility for minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare through design, construction and installation requirements for log and heavy timber structures.

For more information on the ICC procedures for developing standards, please refer to the ICC Consensus Procedures posted at:

At this time, ICC is receiving applications for members to serve on this committee. In accordance with ICC’s Consensus Procedures, the committee will be a balanced committee of 9 – 12 members of the following Interest Categories: Manufacturer, Builder, Standards Promulgator / Testing Laboratory, User, Utility, Consumer, Public Segment, Government Regulator and Insurance. Accordingly, stakeholders including, but not limited to design professionals, manufacturers, constructors, building, fire and other government officials should apply. A full description of the Interest Categories is included in the application linked below. Any stakeholder is welcome to apply and ICC membership is not required. Appointments will made by the ICC Board of Directors.  Click here for an application. The acronym below is to be used to identify the on the application.

Travel should be anticipated for the initial 1 – 2 meetings taking into account the possibility of travel restrictions.  Subsequent meetings are to be held via teleconference calls. For in-person meetings, ICC Governmental Member Representatives are authorized to travel at ICC’s expense when participating at ICC Consensus Committee meetings. All others are responsible for funding their participation on this committee.

Term: Through completion of the standard.

Staff: Karl Aittaniemi; 888-ICC-SAFE (422-7233), ext. 4205

Application deadline: November 1, 2020  EXTENDED TO:  December 1, 2020

The 2017 edition of ICC 400 entitled: Standard on the Design and Construction of Log Structures, was approved by ANSI as an American National Standard on November 16, 2017, and is now available.

Committee Documents