Sustainability Membership Council


The International Code Council has released the redline version of the 2024 IECC®, available for purchase here. The 2024 IECC addresses energy efficiency on several fronts—including cost, energy usage, use of natural resources and the impact of energy usage on the environment—and is expected to be roughly 6 percent more efficient than the 2021 IECC. In addition to these efficiency improvements, the 2024 IECC includes a total of 22 appendices, most of which are aimed at providing increased efficiency or electrification readiness. New appendices related to distributed energy resources include:  

  • Zero energy building provisions (Appendices CC/RC) 
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure (Appendices CG/RE) 
  • Electric-ready building provisions (Appendices CH/RK) 
  • Demand responsive controls (Appendices CI/RJ) 
  • Electric energy storage provisions (Appendices CJ/RD) 
  • On-site renewable energy (Appendix RI) 
  • Renewable energy infrastructure (Appendix RL) 

The published version of the 2024 IECC will be available in print and digital in July. For more information on the 2024 IECC development process and to stay up to date on 2027 IECC development, visit ICC's Energy Webpage. 

The 2024 edition of the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) is now available in print on the ICC Store and in digital format on ICC’s Digital Codes platform. 

The International Code Council family of solutions is helping our communities forge a path forward on energy and sustainability to confront the impacts of a changing climate. Learn more.

Committee Documents

This page contains the agendas, presentations, and minutes associated with the Sustainability Membership Council.

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