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Enjoy the convenience of having your ebooks, references and codes at your fingertips without having to carry heavy books everywhere! Just download your eBooks when you are on-the-go for access while offline.

Notes and Highlights

Color code your notes and they'll sync across all your devices automatically! With up to 6 different highlight colors, you can create your own custom color scheme to help you quickly find and reference specific text, figures or diagrams. Plus, you can quickly add and search notes to find your personal highlights easily.

Flashcards and Review Mode

Highlight and copy content directly from your eBook to easily create your own digital flashcards. You know what you need to succeed on your job and when studying for your next credentialing exam, and now you can create your own set of study tools to achieve your goals!

Global Search + Wikipedia Lookups

Search within a single title or across your entire library to find specific content. Code Council eBooks make learning even easier; we’ll search Wikipedia for you as long as you’re connected to the internet. With Code Council eBooks your ability to find and use information just became easier.

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