Bulgaria applies the Eurocodes (design standards) to for all basic building materials (reinforced concrete, steel, wood, masonry, and aluminum) in all major areas of structural engineering (basics of design, loads and impacts, fire resistance, geotechnics, seismic impacts, etc.). The Bulgarian government promotes harmonization through the use of the Eurocodes in the EU and EFTA Member States as a means of reducing the number of Nationally Determined Parameters in the standards and promoting the free circulation of products and services within the European Economic Area.

Bulgaria’s Directorate at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (contact Eng. Kristina CALOVA, Head of Technical Regulations Directorate – KCalova@mrrb.government.bg) is responsible for implementing, monitoring and supervising the codes, regulations and standards conformity and applications, as well as their harmonization with the EU standards and norms.  

Fire safety standards are the responsibility of the Chief Directorate for Fire Safety at the Ministry of Interior (contact Yoto VASILEV, Chief Inspector, Fire Safety – nspab@mvr.bg). A newly amended regulation on fire safety and requirements for high rise buildings in Bulgaria put the country on the list of notable member states who are taking steps to improve the fire safety regulations of buildings at a national level. 

Codes, standards and regulations related to plumbing and sanitary disposal in Bulgaria are overseen by the Ministry of Water and Environment (contact Asya STANKOVA, Acting Director General DG Programing of Regional Development – oprd@mrrb.government.bg).

Building energy efficiency codes and standards are managed by the Ministry of Energy (contact Nikolay NALBANTOV, Head of Directorate for Energy Strategies and Policies for Sustainable Energy Development – n.nalbantov@me.government.bg).

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