Name/Title of Resource Topic Link Organization Notes
ET Biannual State Regulatory Update EV Link EEI Recent developments in Electric Transportation
Community Readiness Guidebook EV Link California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative California Fuel Cell Partnership Guide for local communities adopting zero-emission vehicle policy
NREL-Electric Vehicle Grid Integration EV Grid Integration Link NREL Research and Development
The Gridoptimal Buildings Initiative Grid Modernization - Buildings Link New Buildings Institute U.S. Green Building Council The GridOptimal™ Buildings Initiative. Metrics by which building features and operating characteristics that support more effective grid operation can be measured and quantified. This supports the least-cost decarbonization of the grid through better integration of both distributed energy resources (DER) and utility-scale wind and solar energy.
Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings Grid Moderization Buildings Link DOE Technical reports and core concepts of Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings
Resource Library Grid Mod / DER in general Link Clean Energy States Alliance Resource Library
Mandalay Homes (Arizona) Case Study - Residential Link Mandaly Homes Homebuilders promotional case study
2021 IECC Appendix CB Solar-Ready Zone Commercial Model Code Language Link IECC Appendix CB can be adopted to enourage or require preparing commercial buildings for the future installation of solar energy equipment, piping and wiring.
2021 IECC Appendix RB Solar-Ready Provisions - Detached one- and two- family dwellings and townhouses Model Code Language Link IECC Appendix RB can be adopted to encourage or require providing pathways for connections and requiring adequate structural capacity of roof systems to support the systems.
Solar with Justice: Strategies for Powering Up Under-Resourced Communities and Growing an Inclusive Solar Market Solar Link Clean Energy States Alliance The recommendations in the report set a path forward for increasing solar deployments that result in significant economic, equity, and environmental improvements.
2020 State Leadership in Clean Energy Awards: Case Studies of Award-Winning Programs that Are Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition Case Study Link Clean Energy States Alliance Case studies of six programs that have accelerated the adoption of clean energy technologies and expanded clean energy markets.
Types of Energy Storage Energy Storage Link NYSERDA A primer on energy storage
IEEE 1547 Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources. Interconnectivity and Interoperability Link Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers The IEEE 1547 standard provides the criteria and requirements for the interconnection and interoperability of DER into the power grid.
IEEE 1547 and 2030Standards for Distributed Energy Resources Interconnection and Interoperability with the Electricity Grid Interconnectivity and Interoperability Link NREL A short history of the development, the current status and the future direction of IEEE 1547
GridOptimalTM Buildings Initiative Interconnectivity Link NBI provides a metrics by which “building features and operating characteristics that support more effective grid operation can be measured and quantified
Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings Interconnectivity Link DOE This report addresses how flexible building loads can be integrated and controlled to benefit consumers, the electric grid, and society more broadly.