Building Valuation Data Tool

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The Building Valuation Data (BVD) is a resource that jurisdictions across the U.S. use as a benchmark to determine building permit fees. The Code Council has been producing this document for over 20 years, and the tool is updated every six months.

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For jurisdictions, the BVD tool provides updated data to justify typical increases of permit fees as well as a formula to help modernize outdated permit fees that have not increased at a regular interval. For other professionals, it can assist in estimating fees needed for presentations and proposals for new work. For all, this tool helps see how a jurisdiction’s fees compare to the average costs represented in the BVD. It’s important to note that the BVD is updated twice a year so members can rely on its accuracy.

Jurisdictions and other interested parties should actively evaluate and assess the impact of the BVD table before using it.