PMG Code Action Committee (PMGCAC)

The Plumbing Mechanical and Fuel Gas Code Action Committee (PMGCAC) meetings are open to the public. Any interested party can participate in committee meetings and can be considered by the committee for membership on any sub-group that the committee creates. Interested parties will be notified by email of PMGCAC activities including committee meetings, sub-group meetings and the availability of PMGCAC related documentation. If you wish to be placed on the “interested parties” list for the PMGCAC, contact the ICC Secretariat, Fred Grable.

The following Workgroups have been established:

  • WG#1 – Hydrogen Provisions
  • WG#2 – Water Reuse Provisions
  • WG#3 – Plant Processing and Extraction Facility Ventilation
  • WG#4 – Commercial Pool Plumbing Fixture Calculations

These workgroups will have virtual meetings at various times. The meeting days and times will be sent out to all interested parties of those work group. If you wish to be on an interested party email distribution list for one of more of these meetings, Please contact Fred Grable.

See Council Policy 31 "Code Action Committees" for the scope of each of the CAC's.

Join the PMG Code Action Committee!

The PMGCAC is looking for members to take part in identifying areas of the code for improvement, introduce new areas of safety for the built environment or clarify existing code.

  • Time Commitment: Medium, three-year commitment which is predominately a two-year focused effort starting the year preceding the code cycle hearings. Members are encouraged to also attend the committee action hearings and public comment hearings.
  • Experience: No experience in the code process is needed. Related industry experience across the built environment important 
  • Knowledge of the Code: New to seasoned.

To apply, click on the application link below and choose the option “Application for Open Committee Seat (AOCS) | OPEN” and select “PMGCAC” from the drop down.

Committee Document(s)

Click on a document type and then click on the PDF icon to view document(s).

For archives on the past PMGCAC work, click here.