The Public Comment Agenda for consideration at the Public Comment Hearing of the International Code Council on September 27 - October 5, 2015, at the ICC Annual Conference in Long Beach, CA.

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Complete MonographPublished 09/02/1535286 KB
2015 Discussion Guide and Technical Updates to the Public Comment AgendaPublished 09/18/151267 KB
Updates to the 2015 Discussion Guide and Public Comment Agenda (Updated 09/23/15)Published 09/22/15519 KB
Updates to the Tentative Hearing Order for the 2015 Public Comment Agenda (Updated 10/03/2015 5:45 PM)Published 09/22/154 KB
Table of ContentsPublished 08/27/152 KB
IntroductionPublished 08/27/15457 KB
IBC - Fire SafetyPublished 08/27/158779 KB
IBC - GeneralPublished 08/27/158222 KB
IBC - Means of EgressPublished 08/27/152105 KB
IBC - StructuralPublished 08/27/15696 KB
IEBCPublished 08/27/151421 KB
IFGCPublished 08/27/15998 KB
IMCPublished 08/27/155852 KB
IPCPublished 08/27/156756 KB
IPMCPublished 08/27/15952 KB
IRC - MechanicalPublished 09/02/152452 KB
IRC - PlumbingPublished 08/27/151438 KB
ISPSCPublished 08/27/152586 KB