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News - Committee Work Concluded

FINAL REPORT OF THE LTCDP:  The Board Committee on the Long Term Code Development Process (LTCDP) has concluded their work. The Code Council Board thanks the committee for their hard work and perseverance working through the pandemic and has sun set the committee.  Click here for the Final Report.


In September 2016, the International Code Council Board of Directors recognized the need for a formal process that allows stakeholders to provide feedback on the code development process.

The feedback was summarized and posted for comment.

In 2017, the Board reviewed stakeholder feedback and took the actions noted in the report, “Board Action on Feedback/Comments on the ICC Code Development Process." As part of this report, preliminary draft revisions to Council Policy 28 (CP 28): Code Development were posted for comment. Changes to CP 28 were made by the Board in September 2017. Board actions were only intended for implementation in the 2018/2019 cycle.

Included in the feedback were proposed long-term structural changes to the code development process. The Board created a Board-level committee to follow the implementation of the new changes in the 2018/2019 cycle. With the completion of the 2018 Group A cycle, the Board established the Board Committee on the Long-Term Code Development Process (also known as the “Blue Ribbon Committee”).

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For more information, please contact Russ Manning.