Introduction to Building Codes

A Starting Point to Learn the Basics11-05331_PMG_BuildingCodes101_web_image_v1a

The regulation of the built environment is a unique experience within the United States. Those who have not actively participated in the process often times find it to be perplexing. Even those within the industry, they may understand only a part of the process pertaining to their location or discipline. Codes and adoption process can vary significantly from state to state, and in some cases even county to county.

In an effort to help foster better understanding and participation in the Code Development Process, the Code Council's PMG group has pulled together a set of resources.

1. Get the Big Picture. Start off right by watching this free, two-part webinar designed to give you a view of the origins of the codes, why we need them, who enforces them, and generally how they work. It's divided into two 30-minute parts, and you can view it anytime you want, starting and stopping as you please.

2. Connect the Dots. The Code Council has many more resources to dive deeper and answer additional questions.

3. Get Connected. One of the best ways to get involved is to get connected. ICC offers a host of ways to connect with others interested in the building industry and to stay on top of the latest developments. Sign up for a newsletter, join a Membership committee, plug into a local chapter, participate a training class, or attend an annual conference or code hearing.

  • Subscribe to Code Council newsletters:
    BSJ Weekly - This weekly newsletter covers the latest news on the building safety and construction sectors.
    ICC Pulse - Sent out periodically, ICC Pulse updates are about time-sensitive industry issues you need to know NOW.
  • Membership Councils: A place for Code Council members to come together with others in their field and be a more powerful force shaping your ICC, your industry, your career, and your future.
  • Chapters: Connect with building professionals locally.
  • ICC Education: The Code Council offers hundreds of courses live around the country and online.
  • ICC Membership: Join to get access to all the resources the Code Council has to offer, including Code Interpretations.
  • Codes & Standards Discussion Forum: Join the online discussion with industry leaders and other knowledgeable professionals and receive the benefit of the knowledge of professionals around the country.

Get the big picture, connect the dots and get connected are all ways to learn and discover more about the I-Codes and the Code Development Process. If you have further questions, concerns or comments, contact the International Code Council today!