IgCC User's Manual

Online supplemental files include compliance forms and calculators for waste diversion, recycled content, regional content, and multiple-attribute product declaration, adapted from U.S. Green Building Council calculators and modified for consistency with the requirements of the International Green Construction CodeTM (IgCCTM).

These files require Microsoft Excel to view. Click a link below to download the associated file.

2018 IgCC Compliance Forms

Section 5 Published 09/08/21 29 KB
Section 6 Published 09/08/21 30 KB
Section 7 Published 09/08/21 54 KB
Section 8 Published 09/08/21 49 KB
Section 9 Published 09/08/21 34 KB
Section 10 Published 09/08/21 26 KB

2018 IgCC Calculators

Waste Diversion (Section Published 09/08/21 18 KB
Recycled Content (Section Published 09/08/21 20 KB
Regional Content Material (Section Published 09/08/21 15 KB
Multiattribute Product Declaration or Certification Diversion (Section Published 09/08/21 14 KB

2021 IgCC Forms and Calculators will be added once the 2021 IgCC User's Manual is complete.