The ICC/CSA Consensus Committee on Rainwater Collection System Design and Installation (IS-RCSDI) has held 9 public meetings to develop the third public comments draft of the ICC 805/CSA B805 dated August 2017. Public comments are requested on the third public comments draft dated August 2017. Public comments are limited to the portions of the draft shown in legislative (strikeout/underline) format. Public comments to other portions of the standard will not be considered.

ICC requires all public comments to be submitted using ICC’s Public Comment Formalong with a signed ICC Copyright Release Form. Click here for the webpage containing both forms and for the ICC Rules of Procedures for the Submittal of Comments on ICC Standards.

In completed comment forms, please show proposed NEW or REVISED or DELETED TEXT in legislative format: Line through text to be deleted (stikeout)Underline text to be added. Commenters can submit the completed Public Comment Form and Copyright Release Form as attachments to an email, sent to Ed Wirtschoreck.

Public comment deadline is November 20, 2017

Word document: Right click icon and select "save target as" and save to your computer.

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