Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler and Emitter Standard Initiative

The ASABE/ICC 802 Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler and Emitter Standard was approved by ANSI on August 5, 2014, and is available for purchase in the ICC Store.

Background and Scope

ICC, as an ANSI-accredited standards developer, provided notice of the intent to develop three ANSI consensus standards for landscape irrigation products (excluding agricultural irrigation) through the ANSI Project Initiation Notification Systems (PINS) in May, 2010. Notification of these PINS filings were published in the ANSI Standards Action of May 28, 2010. The scope of the first standard to undergo development, ICC-802, was described as follows in the filing:

BSR/ICC 802-201x, Standard for Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler and Emitter (new standard): Applies to sprinklers, bubblers, drip emitters, and other water emitters intended for use within turf and landscape irrigation systems.

Landscape Irrigation Emission Devices Standard Consensus Committee (IS-IEDC)

The Landscape Irrigation Emission Devices Standard Consensus Committee (IS-IEDC) was appointed in May 2011 and has primary responsibility for the development of the standard.  All standard development is subject to ICC's ANSI-approved standard development policy. Click here for all standards-related policies, which conform with the consensus requirements in the ANSI Essential Requirements. All meetings of the IS-IEDC are open to attendance and participation by the public.

  • Click here to view the current committee roster.

Task Groups

Three task groups were established to aid the consensus committee in drafting the standard. These groups conducted the detailed work of drafting the language of the standard, submitting it to consensus committee for review and approval. Task groups were open to participation by any interested party and met primarily via conference call/webinars.

  • Sprinkler Test Methods & Design (Michael Dukes, PhD., University of Florida, chair)
  • Microirrigation Test Methods & Design (Brent Mecham, Irrigation Association, chair)
  • Admin, Definitions, Packaging and Labeling (Travis Tsunemori, ASABE, chair)