Inspector Skills

This seminar addresses the necessary soft skills for success as an inspector, those non-technical traits and behaviors that enhance an inspector's ability to interact with others and to successfully carry out their job duties. These include people skills such as effective communication, diplomacy and customer service, but also include skills for problem solving, professionalism, integrity and time management. In addition to a solid understanding of the technical provisions of the codes, developing appropriate soft skills are essential in pursing the goal of safe, healthy and durable buildings for the community. Developed specifically for construction inspectors in all disciplines, the topics covered are equally important to all employees of public service agencies including permit technicians, plan reviewers, managers, building officials and fire code officials. The information is also beneficial for developing policies and procedures to promote consistent and fair inspection practices while improving communications and public relations.

Topics include:

  • Principles of code administration for achieving safe buildings
  • General approaches to inspection
  • Getting along
  • Customer Service
  • Ethics
  • Effective Communication

Available Dates & Locations

  • 2018 Dates & Locations coming soon
Price Course Duration # CEUs Awarded PP AIA HSW
$165.00 6.00 Hours 0.6 2664 IC8377 No

Course Objectives

  • Evaluate general apporaches to inspection
  • Apply principles of customer service
  • Identify ethical behavior in the workplace
  • Develop effective communication with clients and governmental staff
  • Identify principles of code administration for achieving safe buildings
  • Determine strategies for getting along with construction staff while inspecting the job site.

The following publication is recommended to ensure success in this course:

  • Inspector Skills, (7104S)