Reduce Your Hurricane Risk This Season

June 1 marked the beginning of hurricane season – with concerns this year based on a higher-than-normal frequency prediction from the experts and the continued concern with offshore oil drilling ruptures in the Gulf. Many residents of hurricane-prone areas already know that codes provide assurance that their homes and offices will be able to withstand the impacts of severe wind and rain.  The materials used in construction, their method of installation, and additional protections such as hurricane shutters and safer glass can literally make the difference between life and death. Education on preparedness including evacuation and sheltering is also critical. Pay attention to awareness programs in our hurricane states, and remember that safety starts with smart building design and construction. You can help your community by making sure that the best codes to reduce risk are in place and being enforced.

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Visit ICC's Hurricane Safety page to see a list of codes, resources and tips on hurricane safety and preparedness.