Ryan Receives Prestigious Fowler Award at 2012 Annual Banquet

James T. “Tim” Ryan receives the prestigious Bobby J. Fowler Award at the Annual Banquet during the 2012 Annual Conference in Portland, Ore.

James T. “Tim” Ryan, Code Administrator for the city of Overland Park, Kansas, was presented the prestigious Bobby J. Fowler Award during the 2012 Annual Banquet of the International Code Council’s 2012 Annual Conference in Portland, Ore.

The Fowler Award honors the memory of the first chairman of the Code Council Board of Directors. The award is given to an individual whose contributions to the building safety and fire prevention industry advance the Council’s goals in achieving a safer and more sustainable built environment. Particular emphasis is placed on the recipient’s focus beyond local or regional concerns to issues and activities that span the globe.

"If you look back at what he accomplished there are really three stages of evolution of how we got where we are today," Ryan said. "The first was the consolidation of the codes. Then came the merger of the organizations, and that made the rest look pretty easy. The third phase of where we're at is bringing together the membership, the individuals and that's been a little bit tougher. But I will use my nomination of this award as an example of where we're at. The people who nominated me came from different code cultures, they came from different regions, and they are even different than the region where I came from."

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Industry Experts Honored for Contributions
to Safety in the Built Environment

(L-R) Acting CEO Dominic Sims; Board of Directors President William D. Dupler; John Terry, Manager of Code Services for the state of New Jersey; and Board of Directors member Gregori Anderson.

The International Code Council (ICC) honored several industry experts for their contributions to safety in the built environment Wednesday during its 2012 Annual Conference in Portland:

- John Terry, Manager of Code Services for the state of New Jersey, was presented the Gerald H. Jones Code Official of the Year Award.

- Joe Sauerwein, District Manager of the Blue Point Fire District on Long Island, New York, was honored with the Fire Service Award.

- Deborah Vanek, Code Compliance Officer for California’s San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, was the recipient of the Community Service Award.

- Judith Rothschild Dicine, Supervisor and Assistant State's Attorney of Housing for the state of Connecticut, accepted the Affiliate Award.

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Global Application of Building Codes as Disaster
Risk Management Tools Examined at Global Forum

Delegates participate in the Global Forum at the 2012 Annual Conference in Portland, Ore.

Drew Azzara, Vice President of ICC Global Services, welcomed attendees to the 2012 Global Forum at the Oregon Convention Center Monday afternoon.

“This Forum will address how disaster risk management can be effected by properly developed enforcement and technically sound building regulations," Azzara said. “Each of the experiences that you will hear will have a common thread. The common thread is building safety. That common thread is what ICC is all about. It’s in our mission, it’s in our vision. It’s in all of our interests.

“The ICC continues an aggressive outreach effort,” Azzara continued, “connecting with building officials around the world, and our influence has never been greater.

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Education Sessions Continue Today

Attendees listen to an education presentation during the 2012 Annual Conference in Portland, Ore.

ICC’s 2012 Annual Conference offers a comprehensive Education Program for delegates to develop their code knowledge, obtain valuable solutions to the most critical challenges in the industry, and earn CEUs and LUs. This year’s schedule features a combination of full- and half-day sessions. The 2012 Annual Conference Education Program is Target. Click here for more information.



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