Rights and Usage Policy

Copyright Permission for Code Council Intellectual Property

Third parties who wish to reproduce Code Council materials must receive advance written permission from the Code Council for any incorporation of Code Council copyrighted material into external materials. Without such written permission, no Code Council materials may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, including, without limitation, electronic, optical or mechanical means (by way of example, and not limitation, photocopying or recording by or in an information storage retrieval system).

No requests will be accepted over the phone. All requests for permission must be submitted to the Code Council through the permission request form.

Once the Code Council has received all requested information through the permission request form, we will determine whether permission to use our copyrighted material will be granted and if a permission fee will be implemented, if applicable.

Permission requests typically take approximately 2-4 weeks to process once all information is received; if you are working against a specific deadline, please highlight that in your request and we will attempt to meet your needs.

For help, please contact, permissions@iccsafe.org

ICC Logo License

As the leading global source of model codes and standards and building safety, the Code Council logo signifies our long-standing commitment to ensuring the safety, affordability and sustainability of communities and buildings worldwide. Code Council media and distributors/resellers may use the ICC logo to signify their agreement/commitment to building safety and the Code Council. Use of the logo requires your acceptance of the legal guidelines pertaining to its use.

Licensing Agreement

Please read the following agreement terms carefully before using the Code Council logo. Use of this logo is expressly subject to and conditioned on your agreement to these terms. If you do not agree to abide by these terms, do not acquire or use the Code Council logo.

The Code Council logo is protected under United States and international trademark law. Use of these marks, other than in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement or as otherwise authorized by law, is strictly prohibited, may constitute infringement of the Code Council’s proprietary rights and may be actionable under relevant civil and/or criminal laws.

Logo License Grant for Media and Distributors/Resellers

The Code Council hereby grants a nonexclusive, nontransferable license to use the ICC logo in accordance with the following Corporate Identification Guidelines:

  1. Media – Accredited news media may use the ICC logo in articles and materials about the Code Council and its products, services, and business, and then solely for the purpose of referring to the Code Council in such articles and materials. The logo files should be requested from their ICC contact. Use of the ICC logogram is prohibited without written permission from ICC.
  2. Distributors and Resellers – Authorized distributors and resellers of Code Council products may use the ICC logo for the purpose of promoting ICC products to their customers and to the general public. The logo files should be requested from their ICC contact. Use of the ICC logogram is prohibited without written permission from ICC.
  3. Members - Members of ICC may NOT use the ICC logo. Instead, ICC Members may use the ICC Member logo. See ICC Member Logo License Agreement for guideline on using the ICC Member logo.
  4. ICC Preferred Providers - ICC Preferred Providers may NOT use the ICC logo. Providers may use the ICC Preferred Education Provider logo. Login to the ICC Preferred Provider site to access the Preferred Education Provider Logo License under the ICC PP Resources.”
  5. Users agree not to revise or alter the logo in any way.
  6. Use of the Code Council logo does not imply approval or endorsement of products or services.
  7. The Code Council is and remains the sole owner of the ICC logo and trademark(s). By entering into this nonexclusive license, the user does not attain any interest in the logo.
  8. The Code Council reserves the right to alter or amend these guidelines at any time and without notice to the user.
  9. Users agree not to use the Code Council logo in any manner likely to confuse, mislead, or deceive the public, or to be adverse to the best interests of the Code Council.
  10. Users agree not to use the logo in any offensive manner, including but not limited to, its use on pornographic and/or slanderous websites.
  11. Users further agree not to register or file applications to register the Code Council logo or name substantially similar thereto.
  12. Users agree that the Code Council logo is proprietary to the Code Council and that it maintains all rights, titles, and interests thereto including, without limitation, all intellectual property and other proprietary rights.

Termination of License

The Code Council may terminate the License Agreement at any time for any reason, at its sole discretion, including but not limited to instances in which users are in breach of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement or if users violate the Corporate Identification Guidelines. Upon receipt of written notice of termination from the Code Council, users will immediately cease any and all further use of the Code Council logo.


The Code Council licenses its logo for use “as is” and makes no warranties, representations, or statements, express or implied, with respect to the ICC logo. The Code Council will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever sustained by any party, howsoever caused, as regards using the logo. This disclaimer shall survive the termination or expiration of this License Agreement.